About us

People first

We are all about you.

You are our No. 1 priority in every transaction.

Your transaction is as important to us as it is to you.

We are supportive and attentive.

We want you to feel comfortable during the process.

Our talented and dedicated team will support you throughout the conveyancing process

Conveyancing is more than filling in forms

Protecting your interests

Experience matters.

You can trust Civic Conveyancing to deliver a high degree of focus, integrity, skill and experience.

Unlike many conveyancers, we do not pay referral fees. If you are referred to us, you can be assured the referral is based on a genuine desire for you to receive the best service. We are 100% independent. We are 100% for you.

Avoid costly errors, both in terms of time and money. Do not be tempted by a cheap new comer to the industry.

About Us

When done well, the conveyancing process requires care, skill and responsibility.

At Civic Conveyancing, we do not “cut corners”.

We offer full-service conveyancing.

When you want it done right

We understand the importance of continuing education to remain up to date with the ever-changing laws, regulations and statutory body requirements in our industry.

We are committed to embracing the future by continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients and the industry generally.

Civic Conveyancing has always been well respected by our peers and third parties and strives to remain so.

What we are not

We are not a virtual office.

We are not an on-line only service.

We do not outsource off-shore.

We are 100% locally owned and operated in real offices with real (lovely) staff.

Call in to see us!

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